As system specialist, we devote product expertise and high service aspirations to simplifying and optimising business processes also in the garage and retail sector.


Perfect logistics is indispensable when dealing with more than 25,000 products, 19,400 warehouse bins and 11,250 pallet positions. After all, our customers expect their articles to be supplied quickly and flexibly once their orders have been received. For this to work, we rely on the one hand on our wealth of know-how, and on the other on a fully networked, state-of-the-art SAP system.

We use the TecCom online ordering system to simplify and automate business processes for our customers. The features of this business-to-business platform include fast online orders and express deliveries, delivery announcements and billing procedures with various different modules to warrant swift, error-free delivery. In addition, the whole product range is featured in our current RUVILLE catalogues and CDs.

The TecDoc electronic car parts catalogue is constantly updated, helping us in swiftly providing precise, up-to-date details for identifying spare parts. This means we are kept informed about the current status of our stocks right down to the very last detail so that we can take corresponding action immediately.

All in all, we offer accumulated expertise in terms of both human and technical resources - convincing expertise that also contributes to ensuring that every order is followed up by punctual delivery.

Clearly structured outlook.

Even the most advanced ordering system won't help if you can't see what you're supposed to have in stock. Our electronic market information system offers our partners a tool not just for ascertaining vehicle quantities in the general vicinity but also for tracing and tapping into existing market potential.

A RUVILLE sales employee works together with our partners on site to produce an AutoView Analysis which gives you all the relevant data, from vehicle numbers through to competing companies in the area. Your stocks can then be adjusted for example to bring them in line with these data. Similarly, the real market figures put you in a better position to take strategic corporate decisions, such as focusing on a certain market segment.


For us, quality is more than just a word. It is both an aspiration and a pledge at the same time.


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