No chance for cheap copies and rip-offs.

On the global parts market, LuK, INA, FAG, and RUVILLE represent the highest possible level of innovation, outstanding quality, and dependable safety. Anyone who buys or installs one of our products deserves to be certain that they are handling one of the market’s highest quality and long lasting products. Unfortunately, more and more low-quality products and fraudulent copies have been reaching the parts market for a number of years. Sometimes even experts can barely distinguish these copies from the originals. What can often seem like an economical alternative can cost you dearly in the garage – when the spare part turns out to be defective shortly after installation.

Effective protection against forgeries.

We have introduced a multi-stage security system in order to better differentiate our high-quality original spare parts from cheap imitations and rip-offs. A combination of security features helps to identify our products. We will gradually be introducing the MAPP-Code (Manufacturers against Product Piracy) on all of our products.

Special filter in flyer, Download as PDF:
Genuine or forgery: this special filter answers the question.

Please keep this carefully. If there is no special filter, please contact your RUVILLE distributor.

Step-by-step, all of the spare parts made by LuK, INA, FAG and RUVILLE will receive their own computer generated identities in the form of alphanumeric MAPP-Codes, which is as unique as a fingerprint and consists of three lines.

MAPP-Code in alphanumeric representation.

  • A special encryption process prevents forgers from being able to generate their own valid codes
  • Additional security features protect against counterfeiting on the 5 x 12 mm tesa VeoMark® security label.

Online check using MAPP Code.

How you can check whether the printed code is valid:

MAPP-Code for scanning.

Offline check using tesa VeoMark®.

  1. HDI star (HDI = High Definition Image) – high-resolution counterfeit protection
  2. Holographic Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket or RUVILLE logo (best viewed when the tesa VeoMark ® is held beneath direct artificial light)
  3. LensCode (= the last two digits of the serial number) – visible using the enclosed special filter
  4. Serial number (black, edges in spectrum colors) – the two last digits correspond to the LensCode


Find out more about RUVILLE's quality aspirations in our brochure as pdf for downloading.

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You can find out more about RUVILLE in our image brochure as pdf for downloading.

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